My First BBQ

This is my first barbecue grill.

2011-04-25 17.50.10

And this is the first thing I barbecued.
(Way back in April.)
Notice how clean it appears underneath the wings.

2011-04-25 17.55.41

I was so proud of myself.
I assembled the grill all by myself.
We were late for a birthday party because I had to finish swearing at the lousy instructions that came with the grill.
These chicken wings were the only thing I had to barbecue but I was so excited I didn’t really care what it was.
I slathered on some sauce and babysat my chicken until it was done.

2011-04-25 18.12.01

It turned out awfully good.

2011-04-25 18.19.54

Miss Margaret loved them.

2011-04-25 18.20.11

Finger lickin’ good obviously.

2011-04-25 18.23.57

Miss Rose decided to take some embarrassing pictures of me enjoying it too.

2011-04-25 18.24.13

2011-04-25 18.24.20

2011-04-25 18.25.52

Everyone was satisfied.
Even my guy admitted that it was the best barbecued chicken he had ever tasted.





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