Playing With Friends

Here are some more old pictures I came across.

These are from February.

My guy and his friends like to get together to play beer pong.
We used to play in one of our friends’ garage.
It’s full of the usual garage junk, but they clear out a space for their painted pong board and they all squeeze in there to play and toss about insults.

First round 008

Not all food groups are created equal.

I think they believe this.

First round 055

It’s always 5:00 there.

First round 003

They buy cheap beer because they go through a lot of it.

First round 004

First round 011

I’m not the only girlfriend that gets suckered into going.
I rarely play though.

First round 019

Notice the space heater there on the right.
It is freezing out there!

First round 048

That tiny little heater makes a big difference sometimes.

First round 042

First round 043

First round 044

First round 047

If you “troll” (i.e., get zero cups) then you have to spend the whole next game under the table.  Talk about cold.  A nice cold cement floor.

First round 054

First round 057

First round 058

Check out those fancy shots.
The guys are so much happier when they’re winning.

First round 025

We do recycle all the cans when we’re done.




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