Girls’ Day ~Drinks and a Pedi~

I got a call from my Work Wife.
It was time for a girl’s day before one of the girls got married.

We all got together in the morning and started the day with a nice pedicure.
I was so in need of some girl time. 
My GPS led me a little astray though and I was the last to arrive.


The bachelorette here was already getting her paraffin wax treatment.



They had me sit in the little kid butterfly chair until they were ready to put me into a grown-up chair.  That’s what I got for being late.


There were six of us all together.
We all used to work together on a contract that has since been outsourced.


It was awfully nice to get to do something girly and catch up.
And, yes, gossip too.


I went for some Miss Piggy Pink myself.


Everyone had to wait for me to get finished up.


That’s my work wife laughing and pointing at me.


All of our freshly beautified toes.

We all went our separate ways with plans to meet up for drinks later.
My work wife and I went out for lunch first.
So good.
And so nice to spend some quality time with such a good friend.


I was late meeting up for drinks too.
That time it was due to teenager conflicts at home.
But I got it figured out and managed to go hang with the girls and a couple of their guys for a couple hours.


The drinks and food were good.
Conversations flowed easily.


Fun was had by all.



This was the bachelor who just married his beautiful lady in the Bahamas.
Lucky ducks!


Someone was a little obsessed with Angry Birds.


It was a great day overall.
We plan on making it a regular thing.

Girl time is very important you know.



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