Surprise Surprise!

My Aunt Cyn was the instigator of all surprises for my mom’s 50th birthday.


The morning of her birthday, we all talked to my mom separately on our speakerphones in the car on the way down.
We totally had her convinced that Munchkin (my sis), Butthead and Oompa (my bro and his lady), and I were all at our respective homes doing what we would normally be doing.


Once we had arrived and freshened up, my aunt called my mom and told her to come over to get her present. She then made my brother, sister and I sit on her bed.  She tied toilet paper around us like a ribbon and made a matching bow.

When Mom arrived, Cyn sent her into the room to get her gift.


As soon as she realized it was us, she fell back a few steps and started sobbing.
I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry myself.





My grandma didn’t know we were coming either.


Mama was really happy though.
It was an awesome gift Aunt Cyn!


My brother and I both live in Portland so we see each other at least every few months or so.  I hadn’t seen Munchkin in four years and it had been seven years since all three of us had been together at the same time.

Miracles happen.
Sometimes they just take some really creative planning.

Love you Mama!



2 thoughts on “Surprise Surprise!

  1. Yeah why do we only see you every couple months? we should be having regular dinners happen at least every two weeks!! I’m so happy we did this surprise. I love how you edited the pics. cant wait to see the PARTY pics 🙂

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