Mama’s First Party

After the “big reveal”, we all headed over to my grandma’s for some grub.
(Read: the best pizza ever!)

We proceeded to then surprise my cousin with our presence.
Oh, the screaming was awesome!
(Love you Rika.)

We all hung out and caught up for a hours. 


The only way my cousin would let me take her picture at first was if I took it when she was being silly.  As evidenced above.


My sis-in-law Oompa (nicknamed such because of a perfect Halloween costume one year) is such a pretty girl.  Love her.


My cousin’s younger son.  Too frickin’ cute!


Same guy chatting with my Butthead.
I got to chat with him a bit and he amazed me with how intelligently he speaks.


A family full of dorks.
Featuring: my Butthead.


I love pics of me and Butthead.


Little G and his transformer. 
He made it bite his finger just so I could take a picture.
Is this not the cutest pic ever?


Aw, how sweet.


And then the weird is back.
I love my family!


Me, Butthead, Rika, and little G.


Rika and her cousins (minus one).


Partial family pose.
Including (clockwise from left to right): Grandma, Mama, J.D., me , Butthead, Rika, big B, little G, and Munchkin.
Rare picture indeed.


Big B himself.
Such an accomplished young man.
At the age of 14, he just received his Eagle Scout papers.
He is not only intelligent but is a little cutie as well.
I am proud to call him family.


The family matriarch.
She is my favorite woman in the whole world.
(So much so that two of my girls are named after her.)


Silly Rika sitting on a box as she chats with all of us.
So beautiful.
I have always loved that face.


After dinner everyone (well, everyone except me and my road-fried brain) played some cards.


Then we had cake.
Amazingly good cake from Ralphs.


Munchkin kept score while eating her heavenly chocolate.


Does this look like the face of a content mama?
It is.
It really is.

I am so glad we were able to join the family for my mama’s big birthday celebration.  I’ll be posting pics from her big party tomorrow.



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