Baked Acorn Squash

I had a friend visiting last week and made some acorn squash to go with our pork for dinner one night.  She didn’t know how to bake so I gave her a quick lesson.
I figure she’s probably not the only person either,
so I made a tutorial as we went along.

You can prepare other winter squashes like this as well but I prefer acorn.

You’ll need squash, butter, and brown sugar.
You’ll also need some foil.


Start by either breaking or cutting off the stem.


Slice it in half. 
They’re usually pretty thick so be careful as you force the knife through.


The inside is similar to a pumpkin.


And like a pumpkin, you’re going to scoop and scrape out all the seeds and stringy goop.


This step is optional.
I like to make foil rings to place the squash on for stability.

Tear off some foil about a foot long per ring and roll them up.


Then place the half on top of the ring in a baking dish.
Put the shell side down so that all the good stuff can seep into the meat.


Keep in mind that I didn’t promise that this was going to be healthy.


Cut small pats of butter.


Place a pat in each half.


Put about a tablespoon of brown sugar in each half as well.
You can put a little more or less in to taste.


You can cover the halves individually with foil.


Or if you’re baking more than one, like me, you can cover the whole dish.

Now bake at 450 degrees for 30-40 minutes.
The shell should be soft when it’s done.


Now scrape all the meat and mix in the melted yum.





Thoughts, questions or comments?

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