Monday Night Football ~Perks~

We have been hosting Monday Night Football at our house weekly.
The guys take turns making a main dish or bringing the drinks.


Two weeks ago, it was our friend Fish’s turn to make the main dish.


Apparently he can cook two things: meatloaf and something else.


What kinds of drinks go with meatloaf you ask?
Whiskey sevens and beer of course.


This particular meatloaf was a very juicy bacon meatloaf.
That’s man food for sure.


The girls stay out of the way.
Sometimes I retire to my room and sometimes I sit in the corner watching the guys and quietly working on what I need to do.
I love to watch the boys react to the game.
Way more fun than watching the game.

This time, I was folding laundry in my room and I came out and saw this:


I had made a map for rearranging the living room and the guys were doing the heavy lifting for me.


And I heard this:  “That’s not the way it looks in the picture.  We need to leave room for that in the corner.”


So flipping sweet!


They left a lot for me to move once they’d gone for the night, but I didn’t have to do any really heavy lifting or wait until my guy had some time.

I will work on a new makeover post as soon as I’m done with the final touches in there.  Almost done.

Until then…




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