I Went on a Trip Mon…

I lied.
A lot.
I made a ton of little white lies so that I could surprise my mom for her 50th birthday in California.

My brother and sis-in-law drove down with me, (from Portland), to Medford for our first surprise.

The first ten miles took an hour to drive.
We quickly resorted to car games.

At first we started with Yellow Banana.  In that game you get a point for each yellow vehicle and double for big ones like busses.

We soon turned to making up sentences for license plate letters.
For example, JGT might be:
“Just Get Tortillas”.

It kept us busy until we got to Medford where we surprised my baby sister and picked her up to take us with her.

Again, we quickly resorted to car games.
We decided to play an ABC game.
Each one of us named an item that we might take with us on a trip.
The first person started with an “a” item like apples.
The next person would say they were bringing apples and then name a “b” item like bananas.
The third person might then say, “I am going on a trip and I am bringing an apple, a banana, and a c___.”

It can get really hard to follow.

Here’s our story:

I’m going on a trip mon. (The Jamaican accent was required.) I’ll be bringing with me:  an acorn, a baby, a cartographer (that would be a map maker), diapers (for the baby of course), an elephant (to ride), fish sticks (to feed to the elephant), some green (mon), some horchata (to wash down the green), an igloo (to sleep in; foldable of course), a jump rope (that can double as a rope to tie the elephant), a knife (for defense), liquor (to keep warm), money (of course), a noose (cause, well, you never know), an orangutan (for companionship), a plasma t.v. (for my viewing pleasure), a quilt (to keep the baby warm), some rose perfume (cause I’ll really stink after a while), a survival expert (Survivorman Les Schroud specifically), a time machine (to make the trip last as long as I want), an umbrella (in case it rains, duh), a vibrator (for sore muscles of course…), water (how could I forget that?), a xylophone (for music around the campfire), Your Mom! (don’t ask…), and Zumba (in case we need a quick workout or want to dance or something…).

Sounds like a great trip mon, don’t you think?


I have a TON of pictures to edit and I’ll share some a.s.a.p.



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