AIDS Walk Portland ~2011~

On October 2, the girls and I took the MAX downtown to join the AIDS Walk this year.  Miss Rose and I walked with a friend a couple years ago and loved it. 
Last year, sadly, I wasn’t feeling well enough.
Miss Margaret was excited to walk for the first time this year.


2011-10-02 09.10.442011-10-02 09.09.43

We had to keep occupied somehow on the ride into town, so I tried to squish Miss Rose’s head from across the aisle.

2011-10-02 09.18.33

And we took turns taking pictures (with my phone) of each other.

2011-10-02 09.19.05
Miss Rose took these pictures of Miss Margaret and me.

2011-10-02 09.33.012011-10-02 09.34.41

There was a Kids Corner for the kids to make some crafts like this pretty bracelet Miss Margaret made.  I think she was awed by the crowd.
(She tends to get shy in groups.)

2011-10-02 09.55.42

Snacks were also provided.  We had some yummy bananas and juice and a nice glazed donut for energy.

2011-10-02 10.03.57

The crowd was definitely colorful.  There was a huge group of people who dressed up as superheroes who called themselves “The Ultimate Alliance: Superheroes for CAP”.  And heroes they were.  The group raised more money than any other group with a total of $32,554.00.

2011-10-02 10.04.39

2011-10-02 10.05.27

2011-10-02 10.07.11

Miss Rose has this horrible habit of chewing on her clothes.
I guess it’s cool or something?

2011-10-02 10.08.12

They had four sheets of paper about 7 feet long for people to write why they were walking.

2011-10-02 10.09.00

It was awe inspiring.

2011-10-02 10.09.46

2011-10-02 10.11.49

There was dancing and a short workout for those who wanted to warm up before the walk. The energy was incredible.

2011-10-02 10.33.18

Even the dogs were included in the festivities.
There were cute dogs all over the place.

2011-10-02 10.57.12

The walk finally started and we were right at the front of the line.
There was an awesome drum corps leading us for most of the walk.
Every parked car that had an alarm was set off by the bass as we walked by.
So much fun.

2011-10-02 10.59.37

Doesn’t this pup look good?

2011-10-02 11.04.05

There were so many people walking to fight AIDS.
Together we raised $473,780.17!

That’s a step in the right direction.

Not only do I believe in this cause, but I think it is great for the girls to do what little they can do to help others and learn to fight for a cause.
You can bet we’ll be walking again next year.

2011-10-02 12.19.49




One thought on “AIDS Walk Portland ~2011~

  1. How nice to see you back online. I would love to walk the walk, but arthritis is starting to bother me big time. The photos were awesome as usual. The blue and black seem very moody to me. It looks good though.

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