After-concert Bite

I know this is a little late but I wanted to share my culinary experience with The Gotham Tavern after the Zac Brown concert.

My guy knew about this tavern about 15 minutes from where the concert was.
Since we all (well, everyone except me) refused to pay the exorbitant prices at the Memorial Coliseum, we headed directly over to the tavern after the concert.
Turns out my guy knew the owners and knows how good the food is.

Well, not only is the food great, but the prices and ambience were amazing.
Who doesn’t love happy hour?

2011-09-16 23.50.54

Check out this happy hour menu!
My guy and our buddy had the Grilled Burger with homemade french fries and I had the Pepperjack Quesadilla with fresh guacamole and pico de gallo.

2011-09-16 23.51.09

While we waited for our food, I wandered around to check the place out.
The first thing I noticed was the huge mirror with drift wood mounted on it.

2011-09-16 23.52.03

Then I found these cute little private tables in the back.

2011-09-16 23.52.17

The wood almost completely surrounds two of these areas.
So neat and unique.

2011-09-16 23.52.42

Then I noticed these interesting glass light fixtures.

2011-09-16 23.52.50

And there was no missing the murals all over the walls with random wooden rounds mounted up.

2011-09-16 23.53.09

More than half the seating consisted of big comfy booths.
And the wooden tables were gorgeous.

The food was amazing!
My guy says all the food is great.

My only complaint is that I had never been there before. 
You can bet that I’ll go back though.
The sooner the better.

Hugs and stuff,


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