Chip Chicken Fingers

As promised, here’s the chicken fingers.
It is so good that the family requested two nights in a row.


Ingredients: potato chips, chicken breasts, eggs, flour and milk.


Oh, and canola oil.


Start by slicing the chicken into finger sized strips and then sprinkle some salt over the strips.


Pour some flour into a shallow dish or on a plate.
Crack an egg into a shallow dish as well.
(Don’t use a plate for this one.)


Pour some milk in with egg and whisk lightly.


I don’t have a food processer yet so I had to get creative to crumble the chips.


I crumbled them in the blender. The trick with that is not to blend too long or they’ll all stick together. And I had to shake the blender so the chips would move around and blend right.

I also had Miss Margaret shake them for a while since Pringles come in a can. I still had to blend them a bit but I didn’t have to shake as much.


Now you dip the chicken into the egg mixture.


Then you roll the chicken in the flour and then the chips.


I placed several dipped pieces onto the chips and then worked on them because the combination of all three dips made for some very messy fingers.


See? I rinsed my hands off after every small batch of chicken fingers.


After they’re all breaded, pour a little canola oil into a pan and set the heat to medium high.


In small batches, fry the chicken one to two minutes per side.
When you can see the bottom edges start browning, it’s time to flip.


Once browned, place the chicken strips onto a paper towel.


I am so lucky to have a guy who cooks.
Teamwork rocks!


Here we have the cheddar chips on the left and the sour cream and onion on the right.


Miss Margaret liked the cheddar ones the best, Miss Rose liked the onion, and my guy and I liked them both.

Honestly, I liked the onion ones I had made the night before even better.
I think the baked chips, like the Pringles, were too bland.
The first night I had made them using Lays type chips.
Those had a nice big flavor.
Just something to keep in mind.

I hope you and yours enjoy these sometime.

Hugs and stuff,


Thoughts, questions or comments?

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