My First Concert!

I finally got to go to my first concert ever at the age of thirty twenty-ten.

2011-09-16 15.10.06

It was the best concert ever!

We went to the pre-event gathering hosted by 99.5 the Wolf.

2011-09-16 17.04.57

We got free air-brushed tattoos.
I got mine on my arm.

2011-09-16 17.03.25

My guy got his on the back of his head.

We were trying to get some Meet & Eat tickets so that we could go meet the Zac Brown and the band and eat some BBQ, but alas, we didn’t win.

2011-09-16 17.47.41

I went with my guy and a few friends.

There were two openers: Nic Cowan and Sonia Leigh.

I love loved Nic Cowan!
He is a fun performer with some colorful songs.
He had me laughing and sighing.
Nic’s voice was amazing and smoky.
I am so going to be working him into my playlist.
My favorite song of his was “Hard Headed”.  That is so my guy’s song.
I would totally recommend you try him if you like country and/or the blues.
He was a fascinating mix between the two.

2011-09-16 19.27.53

I wasn’t as excited by Sonia Leigh.
She has a wonderful Melissa Etheridge-like voice.
It just didn’t seem to blend well with the country music.
She has a new video on CMT called “Money”.
I personally found her boring but it may have been just because I was totally anticipating Zac Brown and being the sometimes very impatient person that I am, I wasn’t trying to appreciate her because I was ready for the main event. 
I would suggest you listen and decide for yourself on this one.

Finally, (after an hour and a half), the Zac Brown Band came out and the awe began.  The lights changed, the crowd became deafening, and the band we had all been waiting for came out to blow our minds.
All I can say is that it was amazing, fun, exciting, touching, funny, and simply fascinating the entire time!

All my pictures were taken with my camera phone so they’re not the best but I hope I was able to capture just a little bit of the awesomeness that is the Zac Brown Band.

2011-09-16 19.35.15

2011-09-16 22.15.20

2011-09-16 22.15.26

2011-09-16 22.15.33

2011-09-16 22.15.48

2011-09-16 22.15.55

2011-09-16 22.16.22

2011-09-16 22.16.27

2011-09-16 22.16.36

2011-09-16 22.16.49

2011-09-16 22.17.04

2011-09-16 22.17.30

Apparently Zac Brown and his band have ruined me.
My guy and our friends, who have been to a bunch of other concerts, all told me that this one was above par.
I am so very grateful that I got to have this experience.

Hugs and stuff,


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