‘11 Summer Camp ~The Send Off~

The girls went to camp a couple weeks ago.
(Yes, I am a little behind on posting this.)
It was Miss Rose’s third year and Miss Margaret’s first.
Miss Margaret couldn’t decide if she was excited or nervous.
My sweet blonde girl alternated between smiles and laughter and being on the verge of tears.
Miss Rose and I assured her that she would have a ton of fun, but she wasn’t quite convinced.

When she came home the following 6 days later, she had had a blast!
And had two garbage bags full of stuff.

2011-08-28 11.45.10

Miss Rose did her hair. 
Don’t ask.

2011-08-28 11.51.13

I love it when they get along.

2011-08-28 11.50.44

These are more pictures from while we were waiting.

2011-08-28 11.51.442011-08-28 12.13.29

Luckily, they also fed us some pizza while we waited for the bus.

2011-08-28 12.13.36

After an hour or so, it was time to get loaded onto the bus.

2011-08-28 12.53.012011-08-28 12.56.43

Once she was on the bus, (next to her sister of course), Miss Margaret was happy as can be.

2011-08-28 12.57.29

I’ll show you the mess they brought home soon.

Hugs and stuff,


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