Panther Creek Farm Reunion

One of my favorite people in the whole world is my Grandma.
I respect her and admire the kind of person she is.
I named two of my girls after her.
(I gave one her first name and the other her middle name.)
She amazes and inspires me every time I talk to her.

And let me just tell you, if you hug my Grandma, you will always associate her Charlie perfume with her.
The slightest whiff and you’ll think, “Gee, that smells a lot like Bea”.
I love that about her.

I only get to see her about once a year.
She comes up from southern California and stays at Panther Creek Farm.
The farm belongs to my aunt whom I have not seen in about eight years.
When Grandma came up this year, I got to visit her and of my other aunts at the farm.
Oh, the memories that came rushing back.

This is the view from her front patio.
Amazing, is it not?
Trust me when I tell you, it’s way better in person.

Panther Creek Farm is one of the most relaxing places to be.
I don’t know why exactly.
Everyone who stays there for any amount of time will tell you the same though.

It’s beautiful and peaceful.
It’s a little secluded but it’s stimulating.
You think about staying forever if you spend just one night.

My aunt is an artist and even her garden is a canvas.
You’ll find little interesting bits everywhere.

I think that this looks like a piece of art too.
I found it behind the garden in the back yard.
Do you see the tree growing right through it?

The last time I was there, she only had one cat.
(Sadly, the kitty died some time ago.)

Now she has three cats and three chickens.
These are some large chickens.
They are very free-range chickens.
Whom apparently really like sourdough pancakes.

They wander all over the farm during the day and go home to their coop at night.

The cats just do their kitty things.
Like lounge in the shade.

 This tree here provides amazing summer shade.
It’s huge.  It seems really friendly doesn’t it?
From there, in the spring you can hear the creek rushing by.
It’s down the hill beyond the tree.

The creek has magical hair powers.
During the summer we would hang out in the creek reading in the shade with our feet in the cold water.
We always ended up having a water fight and I remember how much I loved how soft my hair was afterwards.
Though the creek was quite chilly, it was better than any conditioner ever made.

This area to the side of the house is where we used to bundle up in blankets and lay down to watch the stars.
Oh, the stars are amazing out there.
No city lights within sight provides for great nighttime sky viewing.

 This fire pit is new.
I bet it would be really nice to sit around the fire at night.
Especially in early fall.

This is the apple orchard.
They planted it when they first moved to Oregon.

Oh the fun we had making applesauce.
Especially before the remodel was finished.
Their kitchen used to be so small.
That’s when I fell in love with apple butter.

Miss Margaret is such a good hugger.

My aunts may threaten my life for posting pics of them without their faces on so let’s not tell them alright?

I hope I can go back soon.
My visit with the girls was too short for them to get why I love it so much.
Maybe someday they too will know the healing powers of Panther Creek Farm.

Hugs and stuff,


2 thoughts on “Panther Creek Farm Reunion

  1. I ran across your site bloghopping and I must say that I absolutely enjoyed this post. It’s definitely heart warming and it’s nice that you got to see your grandmother. The farm is exquisite and beautiful. I’ve never been on a farm and it would be nice to experience visiting a place that beautiful one day 🙂

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