Craft time ~Decorated pot~

We like avocados around here.
A few months ago, we put a pit in a mug of water suspended by toothpicks.
We put it in a dark cupboard and a month or so later, it started sprouting.
We planted it in soil once it had a nice long root.

Once summer hit, it started growing really fast.
And then it stopped.
We decided that it really needed a bigger pot.
Since the only bigger pots we had were a plain ugly black, we decided to decorate one of them.

Supplies: Big boring black pot, various paintbrushes…

Miss Margaret was my assistant for this project.
Miss Rose, being a teenager, is too cool for most projects.

Some poster paint…

Some craft paint…

And some acrylic paint.
Basically any paint except watercolors that we had in the house.

We even used some random glitter glue.

We painted them in an abstract design.

Looks good, huh?
Miss Margaret and I like it.  My guy not so much.
We had fun painting it and it’s a lot better than the boring black.

I think we have a pretty happy avocado plant here.

 Hugs and stuff,


Thoughts, questions or comments?

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