Adventures in House Sitting ~Tour of my temporary haven~

I realize that I house-sat a month ago but I wanted to share some more pics from my last trip out there.

One edge of the property lies on a major highway but it never bothered me at all.
It is a beautiful piece of land.

You know how much I love all the animals, but I love the trees and flowers as well.
(No, I don’t talk to the plants.)

The veggies were looking good.

Barney went on a little exploratory hike with me.

I love dragonflies.  My guy spotted this one.  Neither of us had ever seen a red one so I got a close-up shot.

Stacked hay for archery practice.

Did you know that Min-Pins (like Barney) were bred as mousers so he was off hunting while I was exploring the nature around me.

Like these pretty flowers.

I climbed up the hill and found all kinds of beauty.  This is the view from near the top.
Awesome huh?

And these flowers. So sweet.

I think these are particularly intriguing.

They are not really attractive until you get up close.

Check these out.  Look at those tiny purple blooms within the bigger blah flowers.

There were a ton of these in the trees. I love them.

I had so much fun and totally got my exercise going up the hill.
It is always so relaxing when I’m out house-sitting.
So quiet and so beautiful.
Everywhere I turn, there’s another plant, flower, animal, or even bug for me to check out.

Being a city girl, I could never live out there permanently, but that doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate it when I’m there.

Hugs and stuff,


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