Adventures in House Sitting ~The Dig Dog and Barney Bear~

Digger (a.k.a. The Dig Dog) is the resident dog.
Barney (a.k.a. Barney Bear) was the visiting dog.

I was a little nervous about bringing Barney out to the farm, but Digger was awesome.
He laid down right away and let Barney check him out and after all the sniffing was done they took off together to run around all over the place.  Digger became my dog-sitter.  It was so funny.

They quickly became the best of buddies.
And they became a little jealous.
We couldn’t pet one without the other coming up looking for love too.


Barney sees Digger walking away and leaves to follow.

Off they go.  Barney makes Digger look like a big dog.

Digger reaches my guy and Barney is right behind him.

Isn’t he handsome?

I have never understood how dogs with the shaggy fur can see through the scruff.
It’s awfully cute though.

And here comes Barney. Digger was not allowed to model for me alone.
“Barney, let me take Dig’s picture. Outta the way dude.”

“Thank you.”

“Barney!  I give up.  Why don’t you make yourself comfortable.”

They’re so cute just soaking up the sun.

“Alright, I’ll take your picture too.”

It was so fun watching them play together.
And be lazy together.


You know how much I love the chickens, right?

Well, I did love the chicken’s eggs.

I even caught Limpy laying one on my last morning there.

That’s not her egg.  She lays nice normal sized eggs and that is a tiny one.

Limpy’s egg is the lighter colored one.  It’s a normal large sized egg.
I don’t know who laid the one on the left.
But it’s really cute isn’t it?

Hugs and stuff,


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