Adventures in House Sitting ~Trampoline fun~

**Warning: for mature audiences only.**
I’m about to embarrass myself and if you make fun of me, I’m gonna have to…
Well, I don’t know yet but I’ll think of something.

So we were house-sitting again last weekend.
Miss Rose and I decided to have some fun on the trampoline.

Let me tell you, I am too old for this…
I was pretty sure I was gonna pee my pants.
Miss Rose thought this was hilarious and grabbed the camera.

Note to self: it probably isn’t smart to be jumping around in a dress.
Even a long one.
Even if you’re wearing panties.
Cause it’ll only make you look fat.

I remember this being so much easier.

Oh yeah, check out that landing.
I am so glad the only person who had to see this in person was my daughter.
Though I may have traumatized her for life…

This is the extent of my tricks.
Cross the legs while in air and land in criss-cross applesauce position.

I had fun though.
And got a little work-out.

This is me pouting because Miss Rose is laughing at me after I fell.

“Okay, I give up.  You try it smarty-pants.”

She’s winding up to jump as high as she can without warming up…

I hate to break it to you little girl, but that was kinda lame.

So she goes for a flip.

And lands on her butt.
Ha!  Not so easy huh?

So she says she’s gonna try that again.

But she wants to warm-up a little first.

“Peace yo!”
Or something to that effect.

Okay, she’s trying to figure out the logistics of the flip now…

The necessary diva pose…

Get into position…



And look at that form! You go girl!

Victory jump.

And victory pose.
Don’t you think you’re over doing it a little?

“Oh yeah fool, check me out!”
Or something to that effect.

(In sing song voice) “I love you Mommy.”

You are so lucky I love you child.
Totally showing your mama up like that is not nice.
Not nice at all I tell you.

(Grudgingly) “I love you too Snotface.”

Hugs and stuff,


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