Weird Compliments


I love to give compliments.
I will totally stop some random person to tell them I really like their shirt or they smell really good.
I don’t take compliments as easily.
In fact, it took years before I could accept one gracefully.
(It’s actually a very important skill.)

The weirdest one I ever got (several times actually) was that I have nice feet.

I remember the first time I heard it.
I was 11.  My best friend brought over a new friend. When I answered the door, I was barefoot. The new friend noticed my feet and said they were perfect feet and I could be a foot model. I mumbled a thanks and stepped on my own feet trying to hide them.

It was years before I heard it again.
But then I started hearing it all the time.

I’ve accepted it now. I think it’s funny. I even “enhanced” one of my feet with a small simple tattoo of my sun sign.

(That would be a Virgo sign.)

What’s the weirdest compliment you’ve been given?

Hugs and stuff,


One thought on “Weird Compliments

  1. Hi Kat, just wanted to let you know they’re right – you DO have perfect feet! Very pretty, smooth looking and well proportioned 🙂 If you’re ever so inclined, feel free to send some more pictures of them my way, you have my email after all!


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