My Top 10 Accomplishments

In 30 days I turn 30 20-10.

I have accomplished a lot in the past 3 decades.

Some accomplishments have been bigger than others.
Some have been bigger to me than to others.

Here’s the top 10 most important to me (in no particular order):

1) I graduated from high school as a teen mother.

I gave birth to my oldest in the summer before my senior year.  The statistics and circumstances would have predicted that I fail, but I managed to graduate with my class in 1999.  (I did have to go to summer school afterwards to complete a couple more credits, but I did that too.)  It wouldn’t have been possible without the help and support of the wonderful staff at ABLE and the generosity and love of my church.  

2) I graduated from therapy.

I have been through some really tough stuff and I went a little crazy for a while.  My therapist helped me faced what I had been through, accept who I was, and see who I could be.  Eventually, I was going in and telling her about all the good things in my week.  We decided I was done.  

3)  I gave birth to three of the most beautiful girls, all of whom are happy and healthy.

This one is self-explanatory isn’t it? I am lucky.

4)  I have a job where I am highly respected by my peers am proud of my work.

In a working environment where the turnover is so high, I have managed to keep my job for the last three years. In that time, I have excelled at my job.

5) I went back to college and am continuing to pursue a degree in psychology even while working full-time and raising my girls.

I have been in school part-time for years now and I have another year at least just for my associate’s degree.  I will keep on keeping on though because this is very important to me.  

6)  I read all of the Harry Potter and Twilight books before I saw any of the movies.

Anyone who really knows me knows I love to read.  (In fact, my dad used to ground me from my books because it was the only effective way to punish me.)  I don’t remember how I heard about Harry Potter and Twilight, but as soon as I picked them up, I was in line for the rest.  I love the fantasy and adventure of them.  And I hate to read a book after I’ve seen the movie.  

7)  I was walking, talking, and fully potty-trained at 9 months old.

My big-little brother and I are 13 months apart.  My mama didn’t want two of us in diapers.  Since I was such a smart little girl, she potty-trained me early.  I suspect that this is part of the reason I have such high standards for myself.  I mean, if I could potty train at 9 months, what can’t I do? 

8)  I graduated swim lessons at 4 years old.

I grew up in southern California.  It’s kind of a necessity to know how to swim down there.  I was lucky enough to get swim lessons at my grandma’s country club.  My brother got the “swim or drown” lessons”.  He didn’t like them too much.  I loved mine. 

9)  At 5 years old I taught myself how to ride my big wheel.

My mama tells me that I was absolutely adamant that neither her nor my dad help me learn how to ride.  And once I got it down, there was no stopping me.  

10)  Saved up to buy a DSLR.

I was drooling and researching DSLRs for years.  I bought my first brand new digital camera in 2000.  I upgraded every few years but what I was really craving was an SLR.  I saved and finally got a Nikon D3100.  I couldn’t be happier.  I’ve already seen growth in the quality of my pictures and I plan to get better and better yet. 

There you go.  My top ten.  For now.
Who knows what I can accomplish in the next 30 years?


Hugs and stuff,



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