Raccoon fun

I was sitting outside the other day when Barney started growling and barking.
He rarely growls, so I immediately checked to see what was up.
There were raccoons on the the other side of the creek.

It was a mama and her two babies.

I followed them down the creek a bit.  The babies thought they’d get away by climbing the tree.

Aren’t they cute?
Don’t worry.  I kept my distance.

I wasn’t far enough away for the mama’s comfort so they decided to cross the parking lot to the other side of the bridge.

One of the babies wasn’t paying attention though.

I made it really nervous.

So I gave it some room and went to check out mama and the other baby.
Apparently they were fishing for crawdads.

The other baby started crying.
Have you ever heard a raccoon cry?  What a ruckus!

So mama went over to rescue her baby.

And of course the other baby followed her as it should.
Ah, reunited at last.  What a harrowing two minutes that must have been.

And he almost gets left behind again.
Silly baby.

Eventually all three ended up on the same side of the bridge.

Don’t you just love happy endings?

“Fun” fact: Raccoons are nocturnal creatures, (this is why I was surprised to see them in the afternoon), but they will come out during the day for food if necessary.  This situation is most common in mothers who are still raising her young.  As evidenced in this case.

I do love those little hands of theirs.
And really, who can resist those masks?
I hope for their sake that they can stay out of trouble though.

Hugs and stuff,


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