Crab Rangoon

I discovered recently that what I thought for years were crab puffs are actually called crab rangoon.
I made some that taste an awful lot like ones from a restaurant.

Yum-o!  They’re really really good.

They’re also really easy.  The hardest part is the time needed to prepare them.
Some people have an issue with impatience…

Although, if you were working as a team with someone else, it would probably go much faster.
(Depends on who your partner is and if they eat all the filling or not.)

Here’s what you need:
Oil (I used corn because I like the flavor, but you can use whatever veggie oil you like best), worcestershire sauce,   cream cheese, won ton wraps, minced garlic, canned crab meat, and green onions.
Oh, and a bowl of water.

Drain the crab meat at much as you can and chop up the green onions.
Then toss it all in a bowl with the cream cheese, a spoonful of garlic, and tablespoon or so of worcestershire sauce.

Mix mix mix it all up really good.

Pour oil into your pot until it is filled about an inch and a half deep.

Note: the smaller the pot, the less oil you will need.
You don’t want to use a big pot because if you try to cook too many at once, it will lower the temp of the hot oil.

Turn the oil on medium-low and let it warm up while you prepare the yummies.

This was my set-up.
The bowl of filling, a bowl of water, a plate of won-ton wrappers, and a plate for the prepared ones.

Lay a wrapper down and put a small scoop of mix in the middle.
You don’t want too much or it will leak out when it’s cooking.

Dip your finger into the water bowl and run it along the edge of the wrapper.
This will be the “glue” to seal the sides of the wrapper so the filling doesn’t come out.

I made three different shaped ones:

If you make the purse shape (the first one below) you want to wet all four sides.
If you make the triangle or  the traditional shape, you only need to wet two of the connecting sides (in an ‘L’ shape).

For the purse, once you have wet all four sides, bring two opposing corners together as shown above.

Then bring the remaining corners up to meet the already joined corners.
Make sure all the sides are sealed together.

This is what it should look like.

For the triangles, simply wet the two sides and fold the dry sides to meet the wet those and then make sure they are sealed.

I made all the triangles and purses first.
In order to make the traditional shaped ones, we will be using the triangles.

I used about half of the triangles to make the traditional ones.

Bend the long side gently in the middle.

Pull two of the corners together.

And seal the two corners together.
You’ll need another dab of water for that.

You don’t want to let the prepared ones dry out as you’re going, so drape a dampened paper towel over them as you work.

Note: you’ll want to wipe your working space dry as you complete each one (or each set) so you don’t get the entire wrapper wet.  If they are too wet, they won’t cook evenly or you’ll simply have a soggy mess on your hands.

Make sure the oil is hot enough by shaking a drop of water into the pot.
If it sizzles, it is ready.

Start by placing just one of the pieces into the oil to really make sure that it’s ready.

If it is, then you can place five or six pieces in the oil to cook.

Let them sit for 30-60 seconds, then gently flip them.
I am stressing gently because if you squeeze too hard, all the filling will come out.

It should only take a minute or two to cook.  If it takes any longer, let the oil warm back up.
You could take this time to try one or two out.
I promise I won’t tell.

(I’m not telling you from experience or anything.)

Take them out once the edges are lightly golden brown.
They’ll darken a bit more as they cool down.

Place them on a plate or platter on paper towels.

Once they are all done, serve right away.
They are best when they’re warm.


Hugs and stuff,


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