Adventures in House Sitting ~Craft time~

This is the last adventure from last week’s time house sitting.
I don’t know that it actually qualifies as an adventure for anyone except me.

See, without the internet, the only thing I really had to do was watch TV or do some crafting.
I rarely just sit and watch TV, so I combined the two.

There was a local craft store that went out of business recently.
It was sad but they had a great sale the final week.  70% off everything!
So I bought a few craft items and a bunch of beads.
Well, I do love to organize, so I decided to sort out my beads.
(I had purchased a few grab bags and had n idea yet what was in them.)

It wasn’t exactly crafty, but it sure was pretty.

So pretty.
I have so many ideas for these.
Mostly I want to make a bunch of lanyards for work.
(I have to wear my badge at work and they are so much nicer to wear when hanging from a pretty lanyard.)

Hugs and stuff,


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