Adventures in House Sitting ~Where’s Waldo?~

I love all animals.

I love the wild ones and the domestic ones.
I love my dog Barney.
But I have always been, and always will be, a cat person.

When we were house sitting last week, I got to spend some quality time with my new favorite kitten Whiskers.
He is so darn cute and lovable.  He’s an instant purr machine.

He is also definitely a country cat.
I might have snuck him home to live with me, but the fact is, he belongs on a farm.

He is a wonderful hunter.
While I was there, he brought us a mouse and a snake.
And a rabbit.  A rabbit we have named Waldo.

Let me tell you why:

I was on the porch enjoying the quiet.
I happened to look down and saw Whiskers hunched down over something.
I looked closer and realized it was a rabbit.
A rabbit that was still alive!

I called my guy and told him that Whiskers had caught a bunny and it wasn’t dead.
He came rushing out of the house and laughed.
He ran down to get the cat, but Whiskers took off with the rabbit.
Waldo was about half the size of Whiskers, but he trotted away with him hanging from his mouth by his ears.
It was funny to watch, let me tell you.

My guy caught up with them and grabbed Whiskers.
He locked him in the house and grabbed my camera for me.
I was already going after Waldo with my phone.

 As I was getting my camera ready, my guy went to go find Waldo.
I spotted him, but my guy couldn’t see him.

He's right there I tell ya!
I see him. Do you?

Waldo has an amazing invisibility power.
I guess that’s called camouflage or something?

Where's Waldo?

We scared Waldo into the brush area but he didn’t go far.
I found him, but couldn’t get a clear shot.
(He’s a good hider too.)

Can you see him? Me either.

We scared him out of the brush and I finally got a good shot of him.
Isn’t he cute?
He was so little, but boy was he fast!

You're good Waldo...
But you're no match for me and my super camera!

We spent about 15 minutes traumatizing looking for Waldo.
Whiskers spent the whole time meowing at the window.
The second we let him out, he went looking for Waldo again.
I’m pretty sure he didn’t find him either.
At least he didn’t bring him home if he did.

I can tell you, I’m looking forward to the next time that we go house sitting.
I can’t wait to see what kind of adventures we have then.

Hugs and stuff,


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