Adventures in House Sitting ~Chickens are dumb!~

I was MIA last week because I was house-sitting in the country.

Well, sort of.
I was on a farm.
With farm animals and everything!
Anyway, I had cable (which I don’t have at home), but I didn’t have internet (which I do have at home of course).

What would farm life be without an adventure or two?
What?  You think it’s peaceful on a farm?
Not always.  Let me tell you all about my “favorite” adventure of the week.

First, the cast of characters:
2 cats, 1 bunny, 2 horses, 6 chickens, 2 pigs, and of course myself.

There were other perks as well.
Like fresh eggs every morning.

And a hot tub.

The hot tub is where this story begins.

After a long day at work and a handful of errands on the way home, I took some time to sit and enjoy the hot tub.

I slipped on my suit and soaked up the hot water and allowed the jets to massage my oh-so-sore muscles.
When I was done, I went to go talk to the horses.

(Yes, I talked to the horses.  I talk to all the animals.  And, no, they don’t talk back.  At least not so that I can understand them.)

Anyway, as I was visiting with the horses, I noticed that one of the chickens had escaped.
(Insert suspense music here.)

The escapee

It seems that all the animals conspired to make getting the chicken back into the coop as difficult a task as possible.

Apache, the handsome lighter horse, just looked at me with scorn in his eyes.
Penny, the pretty brown horse, just looked at me like she wished she could help.

The auburn twins just clucked like they were cheering.
(They seemed to really enjoy the show.)

The white chicken was cheering me on but was absolutely no help whatsoever.

Poor “Limpy” couldn’t move, (she has a broken leg), and just watched quietly.

The escapee’s twin ran along the fence with her.
I suspect she was telling her where she should run to next.

The pigs, however, where quite helpful.
Did you know that pigs are smarter than dogs? It’s true!
I totally banked on that fact for some back-up.

I asked Porky and Priscilla to get the chicken out of their pen when she ran into it.
I had to say “please”, but they totally did!
It was so cute.  When the escapee would try to dodge them, they would quickly block her path.
They kept their distance, but ushered her right out.  Twice.

It took me a half-hour to get her back into her area.
I finally had to get a garbage can lid (so as to expand my blocking capability) and trick her back in.

This is the area that I was running in and out of trying to get that little bugger back into her cage.
I would enter the horse’s area (over there by Apache’s butt), then in front of the pig pen on the far left.  The chicken area is to the right of the pig pen.  I would usher her out of the horse’s area, then around the building there, into the pig pen and back around to the horse’s area.  That was definitely my exercise for the night.

Princess, the Siamese, had sat silently on the porch the whole time just watching.
Whiskers, my cute black kitten buddy, sat in front of the chicken coop mewing the whole time.
(I imagine he was telling them to stop encouraging the escapee.)

I totally got a kick out of living on the farm for a week.
It was a pain in the butt to get that chicken back in to her area, but I got a great story.

Go ahead and laugh.  I’m laughing too.
I hope you enjoyed reading about my adventure.

Hugs and stuff,


One thought on “Adventures in House Sitting ~Chickens are dumb!~

  1. Ah the adventures of living on a farm! On 317th in Hillsboro, OR we lived along side a creek. The name of the creek escapes me, but I built a very large garden and all the animals came in and stole our takings. It was good to see the various critters that frequented that garden.

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