Fourth of July ~1st party~

It’s been a crazy week.
And I’ve been feeling pretty lazy when I have any time.

But I’ve finally edited some of the pictures from the parties we attended.
There were two.  One on the 3rd and one on the 4th.

The first one was at the farm of some friends of ours.

It was a nice barbecue.

I think there may have been more kids than adults.
The badminton net was up and the kids were hopping  on the trampoline.
The grown-ups chatted and kept an eye on the little people.

After the meal, Mr. B got the bonfire started.

Cause you know we gotta have s’mores with a bonfire.

Lessons were given on how to properly toast marshmallows.

Some couldn’t help but wear theirs.

The twinkle lights came on.

And animals looking for love.

We had a good time.

Crazy story:  It turns out that my guy has been  friends with one of the girls I went to junior high with and her husband for more than 10 years.  We spent a good chunk of time playing the catch up game.  It’s a small small world.

I’ve got more photos to edit and will get it up soon to share.

Hugs and stuff,


Thoughts, questions or comments?

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