Fried Rice

Mmm.  Fried rice. I decided to try my hand at making some homemade fried rice. Lately I have been reading a lot of recipes looking for inspiration; I never follow them. I make it all up as I go. It makes every meal a surprise.  And it’s been working pretty well so far.
(Except for those green peppers in the soup. That was no bueno.)

Again, I used ingredients I had laying around the house:

I made the long-grain white rice the night before because fried rice is best when made with cold rice.
(It makes it less sticky.)
I used soy sauce, peas and carrots, canned chicken, eggs, and some chopped mushrooms.

I started by sauteing the veggies.  Well, I sauteed the mushrooms and thawed the peas and carrots.
I also tossed some garlic in because I toss garlic into almost anything that’s not sweet.
It’s good stuff.

I tossed in the chicken and shredded it up.
I love the canned chicken, it’s cooked and so much easier and quicker sometimes.

Then I added a little more butter so I could scramble the eggs.
One of the fun parts about making fried rice is to just use one pan without rinsing it because you want all the flavors mixed up.
When the chicken and veggies are done just toss them into a bowl for now.

My grandma taught me that to make fluffy eggs, you just pour the eggs in and let them cook a little.  Then you scrape from the outside in until it’s all cooked.
For our rice however, we want to leave them a little soft because they’re going to continue cooking a bit once we mix the rice in.

Now, just put the eggs in the bowl with the veggies.

I tossed a little olive oil in the pan to fry the rice.
I left the egg stuff on the bottom of the pan of course.
It’ll mix nicely into the rice.

When you toss the rice in, make sure you separate any clumps.

As soon as the rice starts to gets crispy on the edges, pour in some soy sauce and mix away.
It’s starting to look like real fried rice now.

Miss Rose decided to take over the camera and take some pics of me stirring the veggies and chicken in.

She uses interesting angles don’t you think?

Almost done.  We just need to make sure that the veggies and eggs have warmed back up and the rice is still a little crispy.
We don’t want soggy fried rice, do we?
Looks like it needed a little more soy sauce.

Ah, there it is.

That sure looks like a yummy plate of rice to me.
It was indeed yummy.
And we have another house favorite here! Oh yeah.  I’m good.

Hint hint:

Try to keep in mind that cooking is about feeling.  You add what feels right.  If you don’t think you need the whole cup of milk in your sauce, then add less.  Trying to force a recipe to work is like trying to stuff your foot into a shoe that is two sizes too small.  Be comfortable and go with the shoes that fit!
Happy cooking.

Hugs and stuff,


6 thoughts on “Fried Rice

      1. Okay so you are good. It runs in the family.With a camera in my hands I am very good. And it looks like that runs in the family too.

        With Love,

    1. Working on a new post right now. I’ve just been busy the past week and then I had some technical difficulties. I’ll have something new by tomorrow. Thanks for checking in. Hope you’re having a great weekend.

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