Craft night ~Collage disks~

I have been missing creating craft projects.
I get my creative juices flowing with the photography, but I need a little more than that sometimes.
Especially when I am so full of ideas like I have been lately.

I was inspired by this craft from Meg’s Craft Thursdays on Whatever.

I used what I had around the house and we created some cute collage disks.
We have lots of random craft stuff loaded into our craft drawers.
For this project we used: foam stickers, magazines, glue/glue-sticks/hot glue, and pom poms.

My guy had some boxes from work that had these round disk shaped things.

I kept them to use for a project and thought they’d work for this.

They looked plain.

I didn’t want to paint on this particular evening so we decided to collage the inside for some added color.

Miss Rose and I did our collages a little different.
She did her inside one on a paper then glued that to the inside.
It worked both ways.

I pasted the magazine pieces directly to the inside of the disk.

I put the pretty side down, so that you would see that when we turned it over.

It’s a mellow effect, but I really like it.

Afterwards, we hot glued our decorations on.

Miss Rose opted for a simple spiral design using varied items like stickers and pom poms.
Too cute.

I went for a 3 dimensional scene with flowers and butterflies.

I rolled some green paper into flower stems and sealed them with glue.

Then I cut out a bunch of petals and made some blooms.
I don’t have a cool butterfly punch like Meg, so I free-handed mine from magazine scraps.

Then I was ready to hot glue some pretty stuff.

As I was putting it together, I decided I wanted a butterfly overload for mine and added some more.

I just folded the butterflies in half and put a stripe of glue down the middle to make them appear to be flying.  Cool huh?

I made the flowers pop a little by stacking different levels of craft foam squares underneath them.

I promptly hung them in the dining room.
It needed some more color.

Happy crafting.

Hugs and stuff,


Thoughts, questions or comments?

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