Spa day birthday

Miss Rose turned 13 on Friday.

One of her good friends came over for a spa day.

I made a honey-oatmeal mask with cucumber “slices” for the eyes.
(I forgot to buy the cucumbers but I had some minis, so we used those instead.)

It turned out a little chunky.

And kept falling off.
Barney hovered around the girls waiting to eat whatever fell off their faces.

I had the girls wash their faces in the kitchen sink so the garbage disposal would catch the oatmeal and it wouldn’t clog the bathroom sink.

Miss Margaret took some pics too.

Afterwards, the girls locked themselves in the bathroom so they could do their make-up.

Someone broke the stereo recently, so they hijacked my computer and brought it into the bathroom with them so that they could listen to music.
(That is totally my make-up that they were using. Lol)

Then I did a ten minute shoot because Miss Rose’s friend had to leave.

Both pretty girls had a blast.

Miss Rose then went out to the movies with a group of other friends.

According to her Facebook post, it was the best birthday ever.

That makes both of us happy.

Hugs and stuff,


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