Scalloped potato-sausage casserole

Desperation can be inspiring.

Okay, I’m not exactly desperate, but we are low on groceries and I was too darn tired to hit the store.
So I threw together whatever I had and made dinner.
Amazingly, it wasn’t bad.  Not bad at all.

**Warning: This is one of those meals that looks really gross, but tastes really good.**

Here’s what I had on hand:
Cream of potato soup, minced garlic, an onion, some potatoes, velveeta, and some smoked sausage.

I started by slicing the potatoes fairly thin (about 1/4″).
Then I chopped up half of the onion.
(I make double batches of most meals and decided to be nice and make an onion-free batch for the girls.)

Then I threw a stick of butter in a pot to melt.

Then I tossed in about 8 oz. of Velveeta.
(In case you haven’t used it in a while, it is that orange.)

I tossed in the soup and mixed it all up and let it warm on low.

Once, it was all melted together, I threw in some minced garlic, garlic salt, and pepper.
(Yes, I do love garlic.)

While I was working on the cheese sauce, I had the oven preheating to 350°F.

I greased up the pans with some olive oil.
Coffee filters are great for greasing baking dishes.

I put down a layer of potatoes on the bottom and sprinkled just a bit of sea salt over them.

I tossed a layer of chopped onions over the potatoes in the grown-up batch.
I sliced up the sausage and put a layer over the potatoes and onions.

I put a second layer of potatoes on top of the sausage.

Then I spooned the cheese sauce on top.
I probably should have thinned it out a bit with some cream, but alas, I had none.

Then it was ready for the oven.
I popped it in and left it to bake until the cheese was lightly browned (about 45 minutes).

If you try it yourself, let me know how you liked it.

Hugs and stuff,


One thought on “Scalloped potato-sausage casserole

  1. If you keep cooking like this you might end up like your mother and I. Be careful of what you use to cook with. I think though that I would eat that up in a heart beat Kat.

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