Mini Session ~My Little Misses~

I took the girls (and the dog) out for our first mini photo shoot session.  I think it went well.  At least until it started raining.  Such is life in Portland.
Even in mid-June.

My favorite.  I told them to look to my left and they looked away in opposite directions.

Miss Margaret was very active and hard to capture sometimes.
I got a great jump shot though.

So sweet.  So sassy.

I managed to catch them interacting beautifully a couple times.

Check out these beauties!

They were only too happy to pose for me.

Pictures like these remind me of how lucky I really am.

I can’t tell you how hard it was to narrow it down to these, I had too many favorites.

So much fun!


Please, please let me know what you thought.  
(I do love comments.)

Hugs and stuff,


4 thoughts on “Mini Session ~My Little Misses~

  1. love these pics you are really becoming a great photographer. It is amaizing how well you captured so many diffrent moments. 🙂

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