More Goslings

I was on my break at work today and saw a swarm of geese.  Two sets of parents and 26 babies.  Too too cute.  I love how furry they look.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Here’s a slideshow of the little cutie pies.  Enjoy.

Hugs and stuff,


2 thoughts on “More Goslings

  1. You are good with a camera Katrina. I suppose the camera you used was not your normal DSLR. A helpful comment I hope is about fill lighting. Your ducklings need just a bit more light to make them pop off the page. I don’t mean this as a negative critique. The photos are otherwise well done for where you are.

  2. Do you remember back when I took both you and Mike to Magic Mountain? It is a photo set I lost. But I have the image firmly embedded in my memory. You and Mike were looking at some sand castles and I was hiding behind a trash-bin. I could see both of you kids and the sand castles. I had my Canon AF at the time. I was able to capture the image of you kids, the sand castles and the reflection of you kids in the in the same image. That was my favorite photo of all time. I hope you can capture some magic like that with your daughters, if you haven’t already!!

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