Blast from the Past!

My brother and his little lady (and I do mean little, we’re talking 5″ even I believe) went and spent some time with my mama.  While they were down there, they took some pics of some OLD pics.  I love love them.

Newborn me with my aunts and my cousin
My grandpa, me, my little brother, dad, grandma, ?, and mama
Me and my dad
Me and Dad again (I was a daddy's girl)
Me and a billy goat
Showing off my new clothes

It’s amazing that I started out as this cute little blond girl with stick straight hair and ended up as a red-haired, curly mopped woman.  Genetics are funny that way.  Miss Rose keeps telling Miss Margaret (who looks a bit like a used to) that she’s going to end up with hair just like mine.  Only time will tell.  My hair didn’t turn curly until I was 19.

I’m gonna go reminisce some more.

Hugs and stuff,


5 thoughts on “Blast from the Past!

  1. OH WOW! These are great memories from the past. What grand times we had when you were a little girl. I was a character back then too. But I also have to say that you and Mike are both Characters. So are your kids!!

  2. The ?woman standing next to Bea is, I think my mother. That would be a rare photo of her. The more I look at her the more I am convinced that it is in fact your paternal grandmother.

  3. You were always a very cute girl. I love the pic of you trying on new clothes. That you are a read head with curly hair comes from my side of the family. That is a recessive gene for sure. You get the curly hair from me and the red from me. That is a double whammy for you. Mike is more like your Mom except for his beard.

    I am really glad that you are you. You are a strong woman and mother. And I must applaud you for all that you do for yourself and for the girls.

  4. I have color corrected some of the photos on here in Photoshop CS 4.

    I will give them to you when I get to see you. Between now and then I have to print them out as well as put them on CD or DVD.

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