Embrace the Camera ~5/19/11~

The one and only Emily Anderson hosts Embrace the Camera every Wednesday.  I am linking up with her this week for the first time.

Well, this week it seems I’ll be linking up by proxy as poor Emily is way sick (new baby on the way) so her friend Amy is hosting over at Buggie and Jellybeans.

The goal is to put up pictures of yourself with your kids.  (If you don’t have kids, you can take a picture of yourself and any of your other loved ones.)  I love looking at pictures of my parents when they were younger but the sad fact is that there aren’t many of us together.  I’d like to make that different for my girls.  Each week I will take a picture of my and my girls so that years from now, they’ll have tons of pictures of us together.

Hugs and stuff,


2 thoughts on “Embrace the Camera ~5/19/11~

  1. Oh what a set of photos. I am proud that you love pictures so much. I am sorry that all my photos of you kids were disposed of by my second mate. I lost a lot of memories due to my indiscretions. But the future holds promise that the past has lost. The grandkids look a great as their Mother.

  2. I started doing embrace the camera a couple of months ago. I love it! Glad you joined the fun. Your pics are great and your daughters are beautiful!

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