More Easter ~Fun with collages~

Picasa is a fairly basic editing program.  It’s user friendly and does help organize my pictures quite well.  Best part?  It’s free to download.  (Honestly, that’s why I’m using it.)

Since there were so very many Easter pics (the more you take, the more likely you are to get a good shot), I decided to have some fun with the collage function of Picasa.

My favorite part of Easter is “helping” the bunny make the baskets.  I try to make sure each basket works for the girls individually, while keeping things fairly even.  I had fun with them this year.

Miss Rose took time to do her hair of course.  Miss Margaret obviously did not.  I love it!

The Easter bunny gave Miss Margaret some smelly nail polish (grape, apple, etc.) and Miss Rose got make-up.  Both girls got a jump rope, punching bag balloons, and hula piggy banks.  The grass was edible this year.  Didn’t taste like much, but it was a fun novelty.

They were awfully silly as they went through their stuff.  They both had a good Easter and that makes for one happy mama.

Hugs and stuff,


One thought on “More Easter ~Fun with collages~

  1. You are doing a very good job. I do the same thing with Photoshop and Lightroom. But that you can find the same functionality is a great accomplishment. I look forward to taking pictures with you Kat.

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