Spring babies

There is a protected wildlife area right next to my work.  There are always geese moseying around the parking lot.   We have to be careful because it is illegal to hit them and I hear it’s a hefty fine.  Besides, who would want to hurt those crazy birds?

This spring, we’ve had one very protective papa goose.  If anyone came within four feet of his mama goose and their nest, he would fly off of his perch on top of the bike lockers and attack.

Proud papa goose

Because papa goose was doing such a good job protecting the nest, the number of eggs that were incubating was a mystery.

Mama goose

Until today.  I was on my way home, I saw some fuzzy babies and turned around to take pictures.

New family

It turns out that she was taking care of a dozen eggs!

A dozen fuzzy baby geese

They are too cute.

First official family stroll

It’s definitely Spring!  I’m going to go enjoy the sun.

Hugs and stuff,


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