Very nice…

I had such a nice weekend.  Usually, it’s go, go, go all weekend.  My boyfriend and I work opposite schedules and only see each other on the weekends, so it’s the only time we have for errands.  It is sooo exhausting.

But this weekend was different.

Babe (my boyfriend) took the day off on Friday so that we could get some errands done when I got home from work.  Then we went out for the night to celebrate a friend’s birthday.

Saturday, we all went out to the movies to see Thor.  There was some resistance from the girls about our movie choice, but we all ended up loving it.  (Silly coincidence we found out later: my mom and brother saw it two hours before we did six hours away.)  Then we went to Babe’s mom’s house for dinner and some Scrabble.  After some more token resistance from Miss Rose, we again all had a good time.

Sunday was mostly about me.  That’s pretty close to all about me, so I’m not complaining.  Miss Rose made me scrambled eggs and sausage for breakfast then I got me some presents.  Miss Margaret gave me a beautiful framed painting she made.  Miss Rose gave me a gorgeous necklace. (Babe informed me it was from both of them.)  Then we were nice and lazy.  I just bought the seventh season of Gilmore Girls, so we lazed about watching a few episodes.  And the best part was how hard the girls tried to not bicker so that my day would be nice and as stress-free as possible.

The only pictures we took of this weekend were on Sunday.  All but two of them were taken by Miss Rose.  The two were taken by Miss Margaret.  (I even let them use the Nikon. So lucky.)

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2 thoughts on “Very nice…

  1. OOh your mom and brother went did they? WHAT ABOUT ME!! lol just playing.. Glad you had a good mothers day and it was nice and relaxing Love ya

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