Home Makeover (Cheap-Single-Mom Edition) – Episode Two

As soon as I lost all the roommates, I got all the carpets cleaned and got a new couch.

The old couch was OLD.

It had lots of feathers that ended up all over my house.  You could always tell if someone had been to my house, because they would have at least one feather sticking to their clothes.

I put the couch in, but the living room wasn’t done until I organized the shelves on the back wall.

I love shelves but they become catch-alls

See, looks amazing now, doesn’t it?

Ah, yes, that looks much better
It's organized and cute now

Then I organized things on my nice new entertainment center (gotta love IKEA for cheap).

(I was watching Bones)

Three room carpet cleaning – $75
Martha Stewart boxes – $4 each
Entertainment center – $80
Brand new couch – $300
Grand total for living room make-over $463 (compliments of tax season)

The new living room

Notice the comfy new brown couch?  We picked it out as a family.  Pretty good, no?

And that tan chair?  The chair is the old couch’s buddy.  It’s feather too, but doesn’t molt nearly as much, so I kept it for now.

The new front of the living room

Not too shabby.  I’m happy for now.  Next up is a side chair.   And then maybe I’ll redo the coffee table…

Off to school now.  Catch you later.

Hugs and stuff,


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