For You Mama…

My Mama wants to see some pics of her grandchildren, so I figured I’d include a little update too.

Me and the girls

The girls are both doing quite well.

Miss Margaret

They are progressing in leaps and bounds in school.

The big-sis thing

Miss Rose is getting a bigger and bigger attitude (I’m trying to catch up).  She is getting more beautiful every day.  (She knows it.)  Tonight she was so proud that she talked on the phone for a whole hour!

Miss Rose

Miss Margaret is finally starting to get louder.  I think she’s finally getting tired of hearing us say “talk louder” or “what”.  She’s been into the make-up lately because her sister has been doing the big-sis make-over thing and she wants to do whatever Miss Rose is doing.

Miss Margaret with her Funky Unky and Aunt Oompa

Little Miss Skye is a fire-cracker who knows her mind and isn’t afraid to tell you about it.  She talks with such beautiful enunciation.  I hear she couldn’t be more independent.

Miss Margaret and Miss Skye
I am off to bed now, so we’ll catch up soon.

Hugs and stuff,


Please note:  The top and bottom pics were sent to me by Miss Skye's dad. And Miss Rose's pic is a self-portrait.



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