Ten on Ten – March

I’ve seen the project ‘Ten on Ten’ on a couple of my favorite blogs.  It originated on A Bit of Sunshine.   The idea is to take one picture every hour for ten hours on the tenth of every month then link up to the original site.  I decided since I finally have my own blog, I can join in on the fun.  I don’t know if I’ll be able to join up every month since I work in a secure building where cameras aren’t allowed,but I can this month so here’s my ten for March:

I started my day with some coffee and a visit with the ducks in my backyard.  Today’s visitors were Benny and Joon and Romeo and Juliet.  (Yes, we name the ducks.)

Then I jumped right into the second day of serious deep cleaning.  First up was the refrigerator.


It took a whole hour to clean the fridge and freezer due to distracting text messages but I got it done.

On my way to clean the bathroom, I stopped to pet the newest member of the family, Barney.

After the bathroom was bright and shiny, I worked on our hamster Jojo’s cage.  She hurt her leg about a month ago and is ready for her wheel now so she can exercise.

I’m a little crazy about having things organized so it was way past time to alphabetize the CDs.

After school time includes snacks and homework.

Not too long after is dinner-time.  Tonight we had spaghetti.


As I checked my email, Tessa watched some TV.

While I cleaned out my closet, Tessa went through my purses.  She found some change and other random things left in some of them.  I think she ended up with 25 cents.

Well, that’s all for today.  A day in the life… 

If you’d like to join the project to check out some other Ten on Ten posts just click on the link at the top of the post.

Hugs and stuff,


2 thoughts on “Ten on Ten – March

  1. Katrina, I also like the photo(s) of the ducks. Tessa looks like she was having fun looking through your purses.

    Since I have a big computer I built I have all of my music organized. How big is your collection? I just added the latest Green Day albums to my PC.

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