Home Makeover (Cheap-Single-Mom Edition) – Episode One

My life is in a crazy transition mode right now.  I’ve had a roommate for a while as well as a couple add-ons here and there (only because I’m a sucker for a sad story).  All the add-ons are long gone and the roommate is almost gone as well.  That’ll leave just me and my two beautiful girls. 

Since we are starting over with just the three of us, I’ve decided to make it a whole new start with a minor home makeover.  First up is my bed.  I had this horrible old lady bedspread with matching throw pillows.  (It was a gift, I had to keep it.)  After months and months of longing for a new one, I have finally found one that fits my style. 

Notice the old lady fabric

 The new set is an earthy green and brown pattern.  I love fairies (I have a bunch of fairy pictures hanging up) and I think that my bed ties the room together a little better.  Mm, I’m a happy mama.  That is always a good thing because “if Mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.”

My girls modeling the new spread


Next up will be the new couch that I purchased last week.  The roommate has been sleeping on her futon in the living room and my old obnoxious feather couch (oh the horror, believe me) is gone.  So I will have my first new couch ever right after the occupation in my apartment has been reduced.  I can’t wait!

Hugs and Stuff,


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